Thank you for taking a moment, out of your busy schedule, to visit us here at Imagine Painting and Restoration Services.  
Imagine Painting  provides high quality painting and restoration services for your home or business. In my 20 years of experience, in the painting industry, I have found  that there are many painting companies that   " say" that they complete high end painting work, however, their problem lies in the follow through.  To actually provide your  customer with,  not only, the best finished product available ( using the highest quality products on the market), while  at the same time, providing an excellent customer experience is rare. We here at Imagine Painting and Restoration Services provide just that, high quality work at an affordable price!   So, you need not look any  further for your current or future painting and home improvement projects.
        Additionally, over the years, based  upon personal experience, I have found that the most important attribute that a contractor, of any trade, can embody is respect for the jobsite. Afterall, the  jobsite in most  cases is  someones home;  the place that they go to relax and spend time with their family or friends. That being said, there is nothing worse than coming home after a long  day  to find that your contractor has left your house looking  more like a disaster area than a tranquil   retreat.  At Imagine Painting and Restoration Services, not only will the jobsite remain clean throughout the entire project, we will also deep clean any areas, that we work in, upon completion of the project. It is frustrating   to see other companies  focus only on completing   a project, and neglecting  this important step.  No  homeowner or business owner should be left to complete this  final piece of the puzzle. With this in  mind,   we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our service!

  • Proper preparation of walls, ceilings, and trim
  • Painting using the highest quality products
  • Flawless Plaster/Drywall  Repair
  • Trim and Woodwork Refinishing
  • Popcorn Ceiling Scraping/Refinishing

  • Meticulous surface preparation                                                        ** this is the most important part of  long lasting exterior paint and is often the first shortcut taken by a lot of other companies** 
  • Painting (using highest quality products)
  • Powerwashing
  • Siding replacement and repair
  • Deck repair and refinishing